Special Needs Planning


Because of my younger sister, Sarah, who has Down syndrome, a main focus of my practice is helping families with special needs develop strategies so that their children or loved ones can live impactful and purposeful lives. I believe that everybody has the ability to be impactful in the lives of others and it is this ability that leads to a strong sense of purpose. Continue reading

Split Pea Soup


Split Pea Soup. Appealing to you?

Does mentioning this pale-green, creamy, luke-warm liquid make anyone feel excited? Accomplished? How about proud?

Until recently, me neither. None of those emotions came to mind. 

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Don’t Act. Be.


I recently read an article explaining how to act in a way that made you seem more genuine. The whole premise of this article perplexed me. I believe the perception of a genuine conversation stems from truly being engaged and being interested in getting to know another person on a deeper level.

The thing I love most about what I do daily is having the ability to build genuine relationships.  I love learning about what makes individuals unique.

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Create a Plan for the Unexpected

photoDock.jpgMike Tyson was once quoted saying, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

It is that time of year in which many of us are looking back at our successes and challenges of 2015. Through that reflection, we are evaluating how well we kept our focus of the intentions that we set for the year. As well as remembering the accomplishments and challenges of the past, most of us are planning for and anticipating a successful upcoming year. Whether we are working on a detailed business plan for 2016 or just listing a few significant goals we have in our lives for the year, we must think about the above quote.

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