14322433_1646600635651879_7280897673188253657_nI believe that everyone has the potential
and the ability to be impactful in others’ lives.

Being impactful is what gives individuals
a strong sense of purpose in life.

My Philosophy:

My practice is focused on creating significant relationships that are based on a mutual alignment of values, philosophies, and expectations.befunky-collage-relationships

While individuals with special needs may need some extra guidance and careful planning, the opportunities they have to live a life of meaning, purpose, and significant impact are abundant.

Families caring for a child with special needs have selected me as their lead advisor because my own personal experience allows me to serve from a place of empathy, honesty and commitment.

What this means is that I understand a family’s desire to provide every opportunity for their special needs child to live an impactful life that inspires everyone in their path. I help families connect this desire with meaningful financial strategies that address the needs of the entire family.

My Background:

I grew up on a family farm in Williamsport, IN where I learned the importance of integrity and a strong work ethic. Family and friends have influenced my personal values over the years but none more than my younger sister Sarah, who has Down syndrome.


As a child, I was blessed to watch my parents make sacrifices to provide Sarah the opportunities to grow in her confidence and capabilities. As a young adult, Sarah works at an elementary school, tutoring young children in reading and other areas.


I attribute her accomplishments to her contagious spirit and determination but I also give tremendous credit to my parents who had the foresight to plan for Sarah’s unique potential while raising my youngest sister, Grace, and I. They understood the importance of flexibility in their planning and always placed Sarah’s future independence as a cornerstone of any financial decision.untitled

My family’s experience with special needs planning has helped me assist my clients in being proactive by planning for their child’s future with a sense of purpose, optimism and endless possibilities. An intentional approach, combined with meaningful financial solutions, can allow a family to focus on the incredible gift a special needs child can be. dadsgolf

Currently, I live in Carmel, IN with my wife Chelsea, where we are committed to supporting several special needs organizations.

Community Involvement:

  • Special Olympics Track and Field Coach
  • Originating Board Member for Gigi’s Playhouse: a Down syndrome educational and achievement center
  • Literacy Tutor at Gigi’s Playhouse
  • Volunteer at Down Syndrome Indiana
  • Creator of Beyond Muscle: Because Fitness Isn’t Limited.   An exercise and nutritional program designed specifically for individuals with special needs
  • Actively Involved at Mercy Road Christian Church




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